What Happens on the Third Date?

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By the third date, a woman will typically be inquisitive and want to learn as much as she can about her potential significant other. She wants to work him out, so that she doesn’t waste her time with someone who isn’t compatible with her.

The third date is a grey area in terms of sex. This isn’t a make-or-break point, but it is an important one!

1. They’re genuinely interested in you

A third date marks a transition from the “let’s see how this goes” phase to the more serious, “we’re interested in being together” one. This is why it’s important to make sure that they’re genuinely into you, as this is when the chemistry really starts to show.

A person who is genuinely interested in you will be inquisitive about your life and experiences, and they’ll ask questions that allow them to understand you better. However, be wary of people who only talk about themselves and their own difficult experiences – this can signal that they’re only in it for the attention and not for you.

For women, the third date might also be a milestone where they start to wonder if sex is on their new significant other’s agenda. This is why it’s a good idea to talk about your sexual history and what you want in a relationship early on, so you can both be on the same page from the outset.

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Guys don’t view the third date as an important milestone the way women do, and sex may or may not be on their mind at this point. Regardless, they’re likely to be open about their interest in you and they won’t be afraid to talk about the future of your relationship with you. Unless, of course, they’re hiding something – in which case you should walk away.

2. They’re more relaxed

While there are a gazillion tips out there for the first date, and even second dates, third dates can be tricky. After all, this is the one that determines the course of your relationship (or lack thereof).

While a lot of people have debated whether sleeping together on the second date is okay (and it certainly is for many couples), most feel that it’s best to hold off until the third. This is because the third date usually feels less nerve wracking and allows you to get to know your date a little better.

It’s also a good time to start revealing a bit more about yourself and sharing personal stories with your date. While you shouldn’t go overboard with it, this is a chance to show them that you’re not just another hookup.

It’s also a great time to bring out the humor. This doesn’t mean a full stand-up routine, but just a few carefully-timed jokes can make everyone feel more relaxed. And when you both feel comfortable, a little PDA can also be a nice way to break the tension.

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3. They’re interested in you as a person

If you’ve been dating a person for a while and are in a relationship, they should be interested in you as a whole person. You should have gotten to know them beyond their looks, canned stories, and where they went to school. You should have a feel for what they’re like outside of your time together, including how they interact with other people and how they handle stress situations.

The third date is a great opportunity to discuss these issues with your partner. It’s also a good opportunity to ask them what they want in a future relationship and if they want to take things further than just casual dating. This isn’t necessarily a sign that they want to get serious, but it can tell you if their intentions are aligned with yours.

It’s also important to talk about whether or not sex is on the agenda for the future. Some people want to move in that direction quickly and will push the sex aspect of things, but you shouldn’t be forced into it. It’s not your job to decide if someone wants sex or not; it’s their decision and they should be allowed to make it freely.

If he does mention sex on the third date, you should consider it as a green light to be more aggressive with your flirting. However, be cautious about being overly innuendo-y on the third date; you don’t want to scare her off before you’ve even had a chance to build trust with her.

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4. They’re interested in your future

For a lot of people, the third date is when the conversation turns to sex and other intimate topics. If a person is interested in you, they will want to know where the relationship is going and what your plans are for the future. This is the point where they are investing time and energy into getting to know you.

However, this isn’t necessarily true for all guys. It’s important to remember that the third date is a grey area in terms of sex and they may be waiting to see how comfortable you are before they make the leap. They may also be worried about scaring you off with sexual talk if they aren’t sure where it is headed.

It’s important to be honest and open about what you are looking for in a relationship. This is the point where you can start evaluating whether or not they are a good match for you and your lifestyle. It’s also a good time to start asking questions about their hobbies and interests to find out more about them. You can even ask them about their long-term goals, which will help you see if they are on the same page as you in regards to your relationship. If you notice negative body language or awkward silences, it’s probably not a good idea to keep dating them.

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